Q. What is the difference between the "Franciacorta method" sparkling wine and the others?

A. "Franciacorta" severe appellation rules impose a minimum of 25 months of fermentation, 7 of which in stainless steel barrels, and 18 months in the bottle on the yeasts. This minimum natural refermentation period is even longer than the French "Champagne" refermentation rules, that require only 18 months in total aginst 25 of Franciacorta.

In the case of sparkling wines named "Prosecco", instead, the secondary fermentation does not take place in the bottle. Instead it takes place in large stainless steel tanks. The wine gets bottled under high pressure. First of all, this results in a much cheaper manufacturing process. Secondly the Metodo Martinotti allows large-scale productions. Compared to sparklers manufactured after the Metodo Champenoise, the sparkling wines following the Metodo Martinotti process have an inferior perlage, tend to be less aromatic and are in general of lower quality.


Q. Where can I buy FRECCIANERA in Houston and in Texas?


A. At the moment FRECCIANERA is available at the FELLINI CAFFE' - Hanover Rice Village building

5211 Kelvin Dr

Houston, TX - 77005

More shops will come soon and we'll update this information


Q. Can I order on-line?


A. We're organising the on-line selling tools. Meanwhile please do not hesitate o contact us by phone or e-mail and we'll do our best to satisfy your requests



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